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Tara - Crostacei
"Come to Tara for a taste of India: warm colours in a welcoming atmosphere, sense of well-being enriched with positive energy."
Crisp and crunchy right out of the tandoor, our Indian ethnic specialities will delight your palate. 
Seafood, which is a must at Tara, is grilled in the tandoor normally used for bread and meat. This clay oven reaches very high temperatures and creates a sealed heat. Shellfish is roasted vertically, as if on a pit, after having marinated for several hours in a blend of spices. 
The result? A platter of crunchy scampi and prawns, light but deliciously tasty, a must to try. 
Tandoori cuisine originated in Northern India in the 17th century: meat is marinated overnight in a yogurt sauce with a blend of spices and then roasted in the clay oven. The marinade evaporates completely, leaving the meat delicately spiced. A few drops of lemon juice and there you go.

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Via Domenico Cirillo, 16 - 20154 Milano (MI) 
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