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Tara - Menu
"Come to Tara for a taste of India: warm colours in a welcoming atmosphere, sense of well-being enriched with positive energy."
Delicately spiced Indian specialities. 
Basmati rice and curry sauce dishes: Tara’s Indian specialities are much more than this. The menu choice is rich and courses are served at table by waiters dressed in traditional clothes, with background ambient music
MEAT MENU (20,00 €) 
Choice appetizer; 
Curry (veg, chicken or lamb) 
or Tandoori; 
Basmati rice, plain 
or pulao (pilaf); 
Naan or roti bread. 
SEAFOOD MENU (24,00 €) 
Choice appetizer (Fish pakoras or 
Prawns in chickpea batter); 
Tandoori fish cubes and prawns 
or Prawn Curry; 
Pulao (pilaf) or vegetable basmati rice; 
Naan or roti bread. 

Besides wines, a special beer list goes alongside Tara’s dishes. Indian beers, of course, but also Italian and Belgian: from Cobra (light Indian) to Riomaggio (amber Italian) and Blanche de Namur (light pale Belgian).

Ristorante Indiano Tara di Guru srls 
Via Domenico Cirillo, 16 - 20154 Milano (MI) 
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