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Tara - Ristorante
"Come to Tara for a taste of India: warm colours in a welcoming atmosphere, sense of well-being enriched with positive energy."
The ethnic tradition of Northern India. 
Located in a quiet street close to the Arco della Pace, the ethnic restaurant Tara, previously called Sukria, is one of the prime Indian restaurants in Milan.  
In this atmosphere of warm hospitality, the owner Ashwinder Singh, whom everybody calls Ash, has transformed the ritual of dinner into a rewarding experience. After all, the name Tara (“star”) was not chosen by chance: in Buddhist tradition, Tara is the combative goddess of justice, source of life and consort of Shiva.  
We offer the authentic cuisine of Northern India: Curry and Tandoori dishes prepared according to tradition, but adapted to please the Western palate.  
"You will experience the kindness of Indians and the intense scents and flavours of their cookery in this enjoyable, quiet restaurant: veg menu also available." (Guida Michelin – Alberghi & Ristoranti)

Ristorante Indiano Tara di Guru srls 
Via Domenico Cirillo, 16 - 20154 Milano (MI) 
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