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Tara - Celiachia
"Come to Tara for a taste of India: warm colours in a welcoming atmosphere, sense of well-being enriched with positive energy."
Gluten-free specialities: from appetizers to desserts, Indian flavours are for everybody. 
Indian cuisine, by its very nature, is suitable for celiac diners: most dishes and ingredients are gluten-free. Gluten is contained in cereals such as oats, emmer and barley. 
Just a little foretaste? Appetizers include pakoras and onion rings (vegetables and onions fried in chickpea batter) and prawn pakoras (prawns fried in chickpea batter). Among tandoori dishes, you can try chicken tikka and boti kebab (cubes of lamb); curry dishes include chicken, lamb, prawns, alu gobi (potatoes, cauliflower and a blend of spices), bharta (mashed aubergine with onion and tomato) and dal (cream of mashed yellow lentils). But do not forget steamed basmati rice and biryani rice with vegetables, chicken, lamb or prawns. And finally, a tasty kulfi (a pistachio- or mango-flavoured frozen dessert) and a refreshing sweet or salted lassi
All matched, of course, with gluten-free beer.

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Via Domenico Cirillo, 16 - 20154 Milano (MI) 
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