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Tara - Cucina
"Come to Tara for a taste of India: warm colours in a welcoming atmosphere, sense of well-being enriched with positive energy."
The colours and flavours of Northern India in the Sempione area. 
Indian cuisine has no secrets at Tara: "We always describe our dishes and recipes – says Ash – because in order to be able to choose, you need to understand that curry is not a spice but a dish, i.e. a food item cooked in a sauce that might contain from one to a dozen different spices, ranging from very mild to very hot ".  
Tandoori is the method of cooking foods in the clay oven with the same name, which leaves the meat and seafood  previously marinated in spices lean and delicately scented.  
Most of our specialities are gluten-free: a page in the menu highlights clearly the dishes suitable for celiac diets.

Ristorante Indiano Tara di Guru srls 
Via Domenico Cirillo, 16 - 20154 Milano (MI) 
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